Dean of Academic

Dean of Academic

MSM Kuwait

Dean’s Message

I am very excited, extremely humbled and honored to write to you on my first year as head of post-graduate studies of Maastricht School of Management in Kuwait.

In preparing for this unique voyage, I have spoken about Maastricht with hundreds of people around Kuwait and the world. I have dialogued with those who are part of the pre-existing Maastricht community, the local business sectors as well as others from a broader realm. Two themes have recurred in many of my conversations.

One factor is appreciation for Maastricht’s historical value for service excellence in its delivery of a quality business program to the community.  That reputation came from linking amazing students with a wonderful group of professors and scholars.  People now recognize these values as the foundation of KMBS’s 13 years of success in Kuwait.

The other conservations relate to the future of the institution. Within those dialogues, there is a major question posed.  Will Maastricht change?  I am confident that the answer is a resounding yes.  This is an invigorating and challenging question for us in higher business education.  Make no mistake that Kuwait is involved in a global economic battle that continues to become more dynamic and more diverse.

Our client commitment is to provide a premier post graduate-business experience.  We promise premium diversity in the learning process.  This year, we have added three dynamic concentrations to the MBA program that enhance competencies of the major industries of Kuwait.  As well, we have launched the country’s first Doctoral business program.  For the next era, MSM Kuwait promises an exceptional European experience.  We have re- structured future curriculums to include “Once in a lifetime” international study module to enhance the clients understanding of today’s global management challenges.  Along with an advance technological delivery, our organization shall provide clients a modern business experience that is meaningful rigorous and pleasurable.

Maastricht has always been a premier business schools in preparing leaders for the community.  How we at MSM Kuwait continue create aspiring leadership will continue to change.  I am extremely excited to serve all of you in order to craft a new Maastricht-Kuwait with solid values, innovation and integrity to serve the emerging needs of tomorrow.

Best regards,

Dr. Khaled Wahba

Premier Postgraduate Business Education